B12 Supplements

Recommended B12 Supplements

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Methylcobalamin SupplementsThere are a dizzying array of vitamin B12 supplements to choose from. If you’re not sure which kind of supplement is best for you, we suggest you read this page first. It covers all the different types of supplement you see here, along with other helpful information like recommended dosages.

This page only shows B12 supplements that contain methylcobalamin. To see the cyanocobalamin products we recommend, click here. To find out why it matters, please take a look at our Methylcobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin article.

All the products below are sold through B12 TabletsAmazon, the world’s most trusted e-commerce site. If you can’t see the Amazon products linked below, the problem could be an AdBlocker. Just pause it for a moment and you’ll be able to see all the products we recommend. Alternatively, use the text links below.

Oral Tablets
This pack of methylcobalamin tablets from Pure Encapsulations has proven to be the most popular with our readers to date, while the smaller pack of 60 vegetarian tablets from Thorne Research is an excellent alternative.

Vitamin Pills or Supplements

Sublingual (under the tongue)
There are many good sublingual methylcobalamin products, and we’re happy to recommend any of the following: 120 5000mcg tablets from Wonder Laboratories, 90 Deva Vegan tablets (Pack of 2), 60 tablets from Natural Factors, or the popular pack of 60 lozenges from Jarrow Formulas.

B12 Lollipops!
It might not be the most conventional way to supplement your B12 intake, but it works! You can now get lollipops from Amazon that contain plenty of methylcobalamin. There are a few options, but the only ones that look good to us are these ‘RevitaPOP’ lollipops.

B12 supplements

Multivitamins with Methylcobalamin
(To see if this is the right choice for you, see our article on multivitamins here.)

Multivitamins with methylcobalamin are noticeably more expensive than those containing cyanocobalamin, but as ever, you get what you pay for. Our recommendations are this whole food multivitamin or the offerings from Garden of Life, who have separate once-daily products for men (here) and women (here). They’re both vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and organic. You can’t ask for much more than that!

The methylcobalamin sprays that we would recommend from Amazon are the 2oz spray from mykind Organics, the 1oz spray from Pure Advantage or this non-GMO 500mcg sublingual SprayVit product.

Skin Patches
The best pack of methylcobalamin skin patches we’ve found on Amazon is this 30-day supply from PatchMD, which will also provide you with an extensive complex of other important B vitamins. These patches are advertised as being 100% natural, with no caffeine or other stimulants..

Fortified Foods
Finding vitamin B12-fortified foods can be difficult, and finding some that contain methylcobalamin is even harder. If you’re happy to make use of the more common form of B12, then you could try B12-fortified granola from Kellogg’s, fortified porridge oats from Weetabix or these tasty protein bars, which also contain another 18 different vitamins.

Nasal Gels
Unfortunately we can’t find any nasal gels that contain methylcobalamin on Amazon at the moment. We’ll update this page when we’ve found a reputable source elsewhere – we don’t want to recommend a product or company we’re not sure about!

We’re hesitant to recommend vitamin B12 shots or injections for personal use due to the increased potential for things to go wrong, as well as the fact that there is strong evidence that high dose oral pills (such as those above) are just as effective as vitamin B12 injections in most situations.

From top to bottom, images are courtesy of voraorn, Paul, Getideaka, and Kittikun Atsawintarangkul, all at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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