Methylcobalamin is a little known vitamin supplement, but it’s becoming increasing popular as more people find out about it and the advantages it has over any other kind of vitamin B12 supplement. Here at MethylcobalaminInfo.com we aim to tell you everything you could possibly need to know about this vitamin, from the very basics through to the health benefits, differences from other forms of B12, the best supplements to buy and much more. Hopefully, it’ll all be easy to understand and straightforward. Here are the basics.

What is methylcobalamin?
Essentially, methylcobalamin is the form of vitamin B12 that your body needs. B12 comes in two key varieties – methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin, and most supplements provide only the second of these. However, this leaves your body with some work to do, as it’s only methylcobalamin that your body can actually use – for this reason it’s often called the ‘active’ form of B12. Taking the active form to begin with cuts out a step and ensures that your body is getting exactly what it needs.

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Why do I need vitamin B12 in the first place?
The word vitamin originally comes from the Latin word vita, which means life. Vital comes from the same place, and vitamin B12 is just as important as this would lead you to believe. B12 is used in every single cell in your body to help synthesize DNA, and it’s also essential for your brain and nervous system to work properly. It’s impossible to produce B12 in your own body, so it must come from food, but clearly this is something you want to make sure you get enough of. This is why so many people choose to use a supplement, with methylcobalamin being the more efficient form to take.

What happens if I don’t get enough B12?
Vitamin B12 deficiency can be pretty serious. The symptoms can include permanent damage to the nervous system, pernicious anemia, poor reflexes, impaired ability to sense vibrations, and sometimes even dementia. If left untreated, pernicious anemia will usually prove fatal in less than three years.

It’s important to note that most cases of B12 deficiency aren’t actually a result of not ingesting enough of the vitamin, instead being caused by an inability to properly process the vitamin into the form your body requires – methylcobalamin. This is the main reason why a methylcobalamin supplement is so beneficial, as it ensures you get enough of the active form of vitamin B12 even if your body can’t convert it from the cyanocobalamin you normally get from your food.

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So to put it all in a nutshell, vitamin B12 is vitally important for your health and wellbeing, and methylcobalamin supplements will provide all the B12 your body needs, without the worry of having to convert it into the active form internally – everything’s taken care of.


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